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about wrg:
Founded in 1986, The Winthrop Research Group has been a leader in the research and targeting field.
research & sourcing:
We have the experience and practiced techniques to successfully target impact players.
profiling & candidate development:
WRG will provide you with relevant information about candidates who fit the profile of the impact player.
contract recruiting:
WRG excels at the process, from targeting to close, of securing the impact player for your company.
executive search:
We will provide a temporary solution for clients needing to establish a pipeline, and drive the recruiting process.
WRG provides tools that ensure the competitiveness of its clients' efforts to secure impact players.
reference accounts:
We meet the sourcing and recruiting needs of many well-known companies.
case studies:
Here are some examples of situations where WRG and its clients have succeeded.
contact us:
Online or offline, we're always interested in hearing from you.